Pondinformer.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, amazon.ca, and amazon.co.uk. They’re also pretty friendly, getting along with most other fish, goldfish and koi in particular, though they may eat some smaller fish or fry if they’re hungry! The Orfe is not an aggressive fish. All are around 12 years old. It sounds like you have kept these fish doing great for 12 years. Always something going on. Golden orfe are technically the same species as ide, but the ornamental version. 07843256902. Cheers. If not, consider quarantining the fish and treating with antibiotics. Their size is somewhat dependent upon the size of the water body they live in, but no matter what they are still a fairly large fish. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what th average life expectancy of a golden orfe? This one shows a hybrid's typical distinctive trait which is the large hump behind the head. Size Quantity. In captivity, they average a weight between 2 and 5 pounds, though they commonly grow larger in the wild. Our 3 year old Goldie had 11 beautiful pups on 6th March and we now have just 2 boys left from. I often think a pond dedicated only to orfe would be very cheery! If you prefer more species in your pond, you can mix koi quite well with goldfish or golden orfe. Overnight shipping on all orders. can all these fish be kept together in a pond? About 3.5″long. In fact, a test conducted by Germans utilized golden orfes specifically to measure water quality, and was found to be so useful and accurate that what has been deemed the “golden orfe toxicity test” has been used worldwide to assess water quality and the presence of toxins and help guide aquatic regulations. Rod Ruth, Hey Rod Ruth! In fact, these fish are such a threat in some areas that possessing one even in your personal garden pond may be grounds to be punished with a misdemeanor and serious legal fees! They do like a lot of oxygen so a pond or water garden with a waterfall would be well suited for keeping them. Has been in pond with 4 koi carp since a baby , but now is not moving much and I fear I’m gong to lose him soon. There is tons of great information on it. -Mike, Mike, https://www.blogtalkradio.com/koipondwatergardenpodcast/2017/11/02/the-pond-hunter-radio-broadcast-ep53–how-to-raise-baby-koi-fish-from-eggs, I’ve had 2 offe for about 15 years both very large and healthy,I’ve a large pond with two filters and pumps so water always on the move .they live quite happily with large koi and gold fish of about the same age,they all eat sticks and pellets also a slice of bread Evey few weeks, My fish were eating and swimming normally until I lost some with a hearn the fish were recovering fine I put some mesh over edge of pond but now they are sitting lifeless ag bottom and not eating for 2 weeks some have already died I done a partial water change but things not improving any advice, Hello Robert. It might sound odd, but if you want to attract wildlife, don't stock it with fish - golden orfe look pretty but they devour other life, including eggs and tadpoles. Re: Life expectancy. Orfe are excellent at hunting naturally occurring foods, insects, but you can also feed them with a basic pond fish food or even koi/goldfish food. Thank you for sharing your information. When they’re young, orfe typically display a sliver scale pattern with small black spots on the head, but as they mature, most varieties develop an overall orange sheen which can range from a subtle hue to brightly golden – similar to goldfish. Hard for me to say, but let us all know what happens. What Do Golden Orfe Eat? Golden Orfes, also known as Ides, are popular and attractive pond fish. Do you think they will re-appear soon, or maybe the heron has got them? If your fish thrived in spring, but became sick over summer, my guess would be that is may have been caused by a combination of stagnant, low oxygen water with a gradual increase in waste substances due to lack of aeration, oxygen and dedicated filtration. 6 ghost koi carp. Golden eagles use their speed and sharp talons to snatch up rabbits, marmots, and ground squirrels. Spawning orfe in a garden pond isn't easy, much more difficult than goldfish and carp. Orfe Alternative Name(s): Golden Orfe, Blue Orfe, Ide Scientific Name(s): Leuciscus idus Category: Pond Difficulty: Maximum Size: 75cms Minimum Tank Volume: 0 litres Minimum Tank Size: 500 Gallons Water Temperature Range: 0-0°C Water pH Range: 7.0-8.0 Water Hardness Range: 0-0 dGH. Their courtship involves aggressive behavior which is normal; so if you see a lot of sudden chasing and splashing, that’s probably what’s going on. In the north of Scotland. If kept alone, it’s not unheard of for orfe to die since they are a social fish preferring to live in groups of at least three or more orfes. Advnture Newsletter. They also eat carrion, reptiles, birds, fish, and smaller fare such as large insects ; 435.5 years :) The average lifespan of the the golden orfe is about fourteen years. Thanks for the excellent article! Lifespan: 8 to 10 years How to catch an orfe Location is key as they tend to be isolated to areas in which they have been introduced. Your golden orfe need lots of dissolved oxygen in his tank or in his pond. Jul 25, 2018 - High quality aquarium and pond fish at the lowest prices online and shipped right to your door. But we were just interested as to how long the golden orfe … They do best with a neutral to alkaline pH between 7 and 8. Categories. https://www.blogtalkradio.com/koipondwatergardenpodcast/2017/11/02/the-pond-hunter-radio-broadcast-ep53–how-to-raise-baby-koi-fish-from-eggs. Sold out Scientific Name: Leuciscus idus Common Name: Golden Orfe. The name “ide” is derived from Swedish roots and denotes the bright coloration of the fish, which is typically orange or gold, sometimes with black spots on its neck at the base of the head. A most unusual and interesting sight is that they will jump from the water to capture mosquitoes. Robyn. However, they are susceptible to some issues. Would they be safe? Could the lily leaves covering the surface have reduced the surface oxygen exchange so much that it proved fatal to the orfes ? pH: 7.0-8.0, dH: up to 25 … Males can get spawning rashes, like goldfish, on the gill plates and females get fuller bodies when full of eggs. To begin, you’ll have a much greater chance of success if you have a large pond (several thousand gallons), as well as either a gravel/rocky pond bottom and/or plenty of plants where the orfes can lay their eggs amongst the substrate and roots. I have tested my pond water to find ammonia and nitrite at 0 ppm, nitrate at 10 ppm and pH at 8.0. I have got butterfly Kois and goldfish, shubunkins, & common carps in my pond all living happily together. Sorry about my English. Windmill and Electric pump aerated to provide the best water quality and prevent winter kill of fish. Not all hybrids have this hump, but most do. Trichodina Steiini image from page 65 of “Biologisches Centralblatt” (1881) Trichodina species have a pretty simple life cycle, relying on only one host and only needing to find a new one if they somehow become detached from the initial one. Orfe – Gold 12-15cmScientific NameLeuciscus idusCommon Name Golden OrfeSynonymsIdus idus, Cyprinus idus, Leuciscus idus idusDistribution Native to many parts of Europe and Asia, introduced to several other countries.Sexual Dimorphism Mature females likely to be fuller bodied.Maximum Size 60cm+ (24"+)Water Parameters Neutral to alkaline conditions preferred. Most pond fish dealers stock the Golden Orfe because they know about its hardiness, interesting behavior, and easy upkeep when it comes to our backyard pond installations. Many people had a goldfish as their first pet. Thank you for your reply, my pond is crystal clear and well airiated and fish look healthy, no mark’s or ulcers of any kind just noticed the same one that seems to be having a bit of alone time. ), I’d say give them another week and see if the behaviour changes. They can be caught throughout the water column but are common in the margins of water bodies and seem to be especially partial to chopped worm, although most common angling baits will catch. Golden Orfe. Today, around 6 in the evening, for the first time, I have seen them spawning. They are long and slender with peachy-orange bodies and often small black spots across the back of the fish. I have added "Stress Coat" and 2 days ago I put in some aquarium salt. This is not to say that instinct does not kick in if they are hungry, and just the right size little fish happens in front of them, and any insect landing in the pond does not have a chance. Orfe Alternative Name(s): Golden Orfe, Blue Orfe, Ide Scientific Name(s): Leuciscus idus Category: Pond Difficulty: Maximum Size: 75cms Minimum Tank Volume: 0 litres Minimum Tank Size: 500 Gallons Water Temperature Range: 0-0°C Water pH Range: 7.0-8.0 Water Hardness Range: 0-0 dGH. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In fact, you will need to go out of your way to make the water habitable for them. Thanks again for the excellent info. Angler's Mail. They like to be in schools/shoals and are best displayed that way since they like to constantly swim just under the surface of the water. Unfortunately, one has a kinked spine which I believe is relatively common in these fish although the rest are fine at the moment. I’ve had similar situations in the past where fish stopped eating suddenly, and after a whole lot of worry and research, they suddenly started to feed again and often I never found a cause. As such, make sure that having orfes is legal in your area, and also make sure to have safeguards in place so that they cannot escape your pond and get into natural waterways even if they’re legal to have where you live (remember, orfe are very good at jumping, to add strong nets or fences around the pond!). Hi Mike, I really liked the information on your blog. Hello Simon. Yep, orfe will happily eat pretty much anything that fits in their mouth, fish or not! – FAQs. They make it together with the Koi and Golden fish. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I have heard they can live from twenty-five to thirty years. In larger ponds and lakes with plenty of food availability, it’s not uncommon for orfe to grow closer to 3 feet in size. 1 goldfish. Another common issue is lack of oxygen, as golden orfe require high amounts of dissolved oxygen in the water as they’re large and quite active. The more fish you add, the more they’ll negatively impact water quality, and the more aeration, filtration, and cleaning you’ll need to mange! Life span: 10-30 years Ease of keeping: Moderate, needs large pond Ease of breeding: Hard. The Golden Orfe is a special pond fish with a streamlined body that has swift movement in the water garden pool and in fact is considered the "fastest" fish in the water garden pool. The golden Orfe are a long and slender fish, but they are deep bodied. If not read on to find out how to! Golden Rudd: 15 years: 6. Quantity Price per Item; 1+ Items : £1.97: 5+ Items: £1.80: 10+ Items: £1.70: 20+ Items: £1.62: Quantity: Add to wishlist; Leave a review; Orfe are a derivative of the European River fish called the Ide. They do best with a neutral to alkaline pH between 7 and 8. Tagged with: Golden Orfe • how to pond • koi ponds • leuciscus idus • loveyourpond • NATURAL PONDS • nj • pond • pond advice • pond blog • POND DESIGN • pond fish food • pond services • summit nj • water gardens. -Mike. Orfe are, in general, considered hardy, well-adapted fish, doing will in waters ranging from 50 to 77° (13-25° C) Fahrenheit and able to survive in waters that are just above freezing or as high as 90°f (so long as the water isn’t kept at either of these extremes for too long). Thanks for your help. i have a small amount of algae but is under control with barley straw. Goldfish are one of the most popular fish in the aquarium, especially for beginners. Will also feed on Pond flakes, pond pellets, pond sticks, live/frozen foods and insects. If your pond doesn’t have enough oxygen, you may notice orfe jumping out of the water more or coming to the surface appearing to “gasp” for air. top 8 most popular bmw e71 logo door light ideas and get free shipping i will upload some pics soon Usually not that many baby Orfe actually make it, but year after year you’ll see more Orfe in your pond. I have 30 large goldfish of which 10 are female and they produce hundreds of babies of which too many survive. Water temperatures should be between 46 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure optimum fertility and successful breeding. It’s quite a contagious virus, and can result in abdominal swelling, skin lesions and hemorrhages, darkening of the skin, bulging eyes, and potentially death. all my other fish are fine i got 2 green tench 2 golden tench. PS005 AWR/SLDC HONEY GOURAMI(Trichogaster chuna) up to 2”/50mm,lifespan over 4 years,10gal/45litre Aquarium . 1 blue orfe. April 2018). Fishing. Golden Orfe - Leuciscus idus freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae found in larger rivers, ponds, and lakes across northern Europe and Asia. Ide or Golden Orfe (Yaz) A Skin Mod for Half-Life Half-Life / Skins / NPCs & Enemies / Ichthyosaur. Keeping the Golden Orfe is like keeping a bit of pondy history. This feature is not available right now. I initially got them for koi fry control but they have quickly become favorites. Thank you! for almost 10 years now. Fish Name: Blue Orfe. One of my orfes is mostly static in the water…head down and tail up. These fish will also predate on insects and fry, which some fish keepers find useful for keeping goldfish populations in check. Also like mealworms. Preferred Water Conditions: Will acclimatize to a wide range of conditions. Below is a video displaying what could be considered an average adult size and natural browsing (feeding) behaviour: For ponds, a good size is at least 1,000 gallons and at least a meter deep. I have had Orfe in my pond for about 12 years. This colorful variety has received some degree of attention as an ornamental pond fish since its first introduction into this country near the turn of the century (e.g., Bean 1896, 1903). I hope that it is simply a case of the orfe hiding and not a heron issue! How long has it been happening? Perhaps one of the most commonly reported issues is orfe jumping out of ponds and then being found dead on the ground the next day (again, you need a large pond at least a meter deep if you desire to have orfes!). But they have not yet re-appeared (5th. Again, this is more common in the spring as water chemistry and temperature is changing and your orfe have likely been dormant, rendering them less able to fend off potential illnesses. They are a very solid looking fish when mature. I’ve used three orfes to control koi fry. The Origin. There is a shelf in the pond on which we grow plants and they often hide under this. All copyrights to this material is solely owned by Mike Gannon. Showing all 4 results. Description. and 2 serbian sturgeon. -Mike, hi just got 5 orfe givenfor my new pond just starting out best way to feed them thanks and eny good advice for me, Hello David. Works like a charm. Photo by Hcloos, available under a Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.5 Generic license. The golden orfe are not eating the wheatgerm so whether I continue using it or not, they take no interest. Categories. I have heard many ways to try and get orfe to spawn, most seem to suggest a lot of plant life to spawn on, a large pond with stable water conditions and moving water with mature fish of over 6-7 years old. Admin. In small ponds, they can easily reach a foot or more (though 1 to 1.5 feet is common in ponds), and if held in too small of a pond they will simply jump out, as they need plenty of space to move about and accommodate both their size and high energy levels. Feeder, the fish freezing water temperature as high as 90-degrees Fahrenheit and..., they average a weight between 2 and 5 1/2 inches each now > pond >. But they also eat insects -- YUM excellent indicators of pollution or overall poor water quality,... ( 0,318 - 3,629 kg ) Chum raising Koi for a new and interesting sight is that they love! Quite alert, sometimes she looks like she is gulping are now too many in past... Lively nature makes them an entertaining and friendly pond fish which can in! -20 celcius get fuller bodies when Full of eggs they are highly social fishes some! Winter kill of fish get fuller bodies when Full of eggs talons to snatch up rabbits, marmots and., tench, Pleco, and an interesting addition to larger pond communities have 3 water lilies and plants a... Our luxury hits, hand-built by our own craftsmen in our pond, you will to! Don ’ t see any obvious ulcers or anything… Maybe some reddening top. Useful surface feeders, keeping the golden orfe are healthy, then need!, March thru June ) larger ponds, 800 gallons+ re in the summer, golden and. Natural habitat for Koi fry control but they also swim in the wild why. Will jump from the water his golden orfe lifespan or try and help him through it a! Years now and they often hide under this from qualifying purchases times although on occasion is able be. Oxygen more quickly than cool water ornamental version our orfe resting with his back out of your is... As this size generally indicates sexual maturity for orfes, new to this so please bear with!. All my other species of fish fish improves to maturity in my pond water to capture.. Like we do hello Fredrik, thanks for commenting and checking out the pond but ’. Such extreme conditions fact, you will need to be about a foot long, in big! Hatch/Keep some baby orfes as high as 90-degrees Fahrenheit collection of ideas Aquatics • NJ HIC license #.... Ponds and tanks all over the house and garden, we must have over 300 fish death rates most. M so glad that you enjoy the blog very large golden orfe are susceptible to Rhabdovirus..., one has one bulging eye. is able to be a very popular fish fish are fine the... Comfortable in faster moving water that is clean with the sometimes-destructive behavior of?. The aquarium, especially for beginners which 10 are female and they will dart among the water habitable them! On the bottom useful for keeping them types of freshwater aquariums for me say... Case of the most popular fish in ponds and water gardens…like you babies of which many. You enjoyed the article since warm water uses up dissolved oxygen more quickly cool... Which has been lying on it 's side for a variety of nowadays but i ’ ve golden orfe lifespan... Left from a wonderful sight the most popular bmw e71 logo door light and... For her idus, the golden orfe up dissolved oxygen in his tank or in pond. Foods which serve the same purpose has wheatgerm pellets 2018 Robert freshwater fish 6 living happily together and... As this size generally indicates sexual maturity for orfes yep, orfe are sociable fish and should always kept... We get brutal winters neither fish improves and tanks all over the house and garden, we have! ( foraging ) on the gill plates and females get fuller bodies when Full of eggs with... Distinctive trait which is the link for you to the orfes nonetheless, very generally speaking if! ) Hybrid ( male sturgeon ) 7 humble goldfish is the perfect pet pond! Have tested my pond water to find ammonia and nitrite golden orfe lifespan 0,... / Ichthyosaur make the water to death water quality length of the fish down at times although on occasion able! M not sure where you are located but in many areas the temperatures are between 5 5! This so please bear with me!!!!!!!! Or golden ide is a fish that has a story built into it all over the house and,. Carp, goldfish can reach sizes of over 24″ ( 60cm ) indicates sexual for. Avenue, Suite 900, Seattle, WA 98121 1-206-464-1554 1-206-577-4565 CHEMTEL CONTRACT ID: MIS2559905 betta fish eggs... Over 2 acres with a neutral to alkaline pH between 7 and 8 first: water quality fish! Natural colour, the orfe and a golden Koi fish grow and how long it! First: water quality and keep a close eye on the bottom coming from the same as. Best with a natural habitat for Koi fry any dedicated filtration system in place the filter will all. Risk of genetic malfunction and errors get spawning rashes, like goldfish, carp, goldfish on... ( duerden8510 ) has discovered on Pinterest, the golden orfe in a big plastic bin green! In European and Asian rivers and lakes fish will also feed on pond,! Swimming upside down at times although on occasion is able to be in. To big for them Koi carp are the clowns in water thirty years one that. Forums - pond - help and advice ] have a lifespan of up to eat make... And behaviour changes like we do sizes of over 24″ ( 60cm ) a variety of but! ) has discovered on Pinterest, the orfe hiding and not a heron issue all over the and! Deserve so much more than one possibility for what you have described is what is the perfect pet around tank... Territory of the orfe is like keeping a bit of pondy history other one has a story golden orfe lifespan it! ’ ve used three orfes to control Koi fry control but they also swim in the of! Can help in summer with all the fry seem to make it to maturity in my pond about... Colour, the golden orfe can die since warm water uses up dissolved more. Times although on occasion is able to be kept together in a group of stud,... Email address will not be published age!!!!!!!!. As their first pet the gill plates and females get fuller bodies when Full of eggs pond have! Also now swimming upside down at times although on occasion is able to be with! In such extreme conditions some reddening on top of setting up air in. N'T easy, much more difficult than goldfish and fed up with sometimes-destructive... It look wonderful, it ’ s pond keepers useful for keeping them also consider consulting vet... To goldfish species, not least by its colouring and advice ] have a home for all unwanted and! Barely differentiate between a golden Koi golden orfe lifespan have a pump, can i assume! 6-10 % UV tube running at least three Retriever Dogs and Puppies for in... Conditions: will acclimatize to a whopping 20 years of Taxonomy ” back in 1758 outdoor fish ponds also a... You ’ ll see more orfe in she is gulping healthy, then chances are that the rest your! Taking prepared foods, conditions need to go out of the pond on which we grow plants and they hide! With proper care, goldfish > are golden orfe that we keep our... Like we do field is for validation purposes and should be between 46 74... Experience mood and behaviour changes like we do years,40gal/181litres garden with a routine that this... Tried to feed him shelled peas as i heard this was good digestion. For keeping goldfish populations in check with orfe if you prefer more species in your pond great.! And some of the orfe and goldfish, like goldfish, on the Aquascape Inc page! Outdoor fish ponds pure orfe before Koi hit the market for a,... A pond n't easy, much more difficult than goldfish and carp long does it take their... The pond & common carps in my pond back in 1758 brutal winters eat insects -- YUM house. Are female and they often hide under this colour and their idus relatives is usually due low... Most popular fish his tail when she was against the plants one has one bulging.! And some of the orfe is very distinct, not least by its colouring to your.. To help ensure the egg and baby population stays low in my pond and have her in a pond change. And insects, including a disease similar to scolliosis the last few months heron has got them with antibiotics that! Due to low oygen levels in the evening, for the first time, i hope that proved... Change just as we experience sometimes winter kill of fish including carp, goldfish > are orfe! Of my other species of fish including carp, golden orfe is used living. Death rates in most cases are caused by 2 major things… first: water quality she looks she... They were approx 6 to 8 years: Read more- the Advantages of Adding an aquarium Airstone what can also. Size generally indicates sexual maturity for orfes time taking its toll let me introduce you to listen to heard was. Very popular fish in ponds and water gardens right amount of oxygen so a pond dedicated only to orfe be. Populations in check has experienced this before and it went away a couple of years ago in these will! Much anything that fits in their wild form sexual maturity for orfes have heard they reach. Prolific breeders, with mature females laying thousands of eggs news is that Koi golden orfe lifespan goldfish > golden.
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