Showing all 3 items. Managing to get to a phone, he called his old home, rambling and harassing the house's new residents until one of the sorority girls, Leigh Colvin taunted him. The holiday season turns deadly for a group of sorority sisters who are stranded at their campus house during a snowstorm. Enraged, Billy threatened to kill them all before hanging up. Die Regel der Tradition will es, dass jedes Mitglied einem anderen zugelosten Mädchen ein Weihnachtsgeschenk überreicht. Then on Christmas in 1975, when Billy was five years old, Mrs. Lenz and her lover murdered her husband with a claw hammer, which Billy witnessed while hiding underneath the bed. Ein Mädchen soll aber auch Billy, der genau vor 15 Jahren hier im Haus für ein schreckliches Blutbad sorgte, symbolisch ein Geschenk überreichen. [13][14][28], The character's voice during the disturbing phone calls was performed by Clark, and actor Nick Mancuso,[7] in his feature film debut. At a time of year when everyone is supposed to be together and celebrating, he's at the edges, shrieking with a fury so intense and destructive that it's barely recognizable as human. [14] He spent three days recording dialogue for the character, recalling the experience as being very "avant-garde", with Clark encouraging him to improvise in the character's voice. He also wanted to explore sub-plots from the original film that he felt were not fleshed out, including Billy's history and the reasons for his insanity. This page is about the remake. It appears as if Billy is obsessed with his … TV Shows . 2006 remake In the remake, much more is revealed, although still no name is given. The resulting imprisonment, and the later rape he suffered at the hands of his mother deeply shell shocked Billy. "Billy" made his first appearance in the original 1974 film Black Christmas as a mentally disturbed man known as "The Moaner", who regularly calls a local sorority house, leaving disturbing and obscene messages. Mrs. Lenz would never tell her new husband about the "affair", making him believe that he was the child's father. After murdering Leigh, Agnes attempted to do the same to Kelli but was subsequently electrocuted by Kelli with a defibrillator, killing her. [7] . Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. She is the 4th sorority sister to be killed. But leaving Billy's true identity, backstory, and motivation ambiguous, she said, made the film more interesting. The caller then goes on a killing spree, murdering most of the sorority house's inhabitants, including Barb. First Christmas - 1970." It is hinted at the beginning of the film that Billy had already been calling the house for weeks, or possibly even months, before his initial killing spree, as the girls had nicknamed him the Moaner, due to his raspy wailing voice. Black Christmas (2006 film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Black Christmas (abbreviated as Black X-Mas) is a 2006 slasher film written and directed by Glen Morgan and starring Katie Cassidy, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Oliver … With Michelle Trachtenberg, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lacey Chabert, Katie Cassidy. [22][76] In spite of Billy not appearing in the film, co-writer April Wolfe revealed that the fight scene at the end of the film, where the main characters use Christmas decorations as weapons, was a direct reference to him. Several critics and art historians have noted that by leaving the character enigmatic, it allowed the audience to place their own fears onto the character, forming their own ideas about him and his motivations. Instead of drawing the attention of the authorities, his bizarre behavior makes him invisible. This abuse would last into Billy's early adulthood, and as a result, gave him a deep-seated fury towards his mother and humanity. [56], Since his first appearance in the original film, Billy has been credited by several critics and film historians as establishing many of the tropes that later became a staple for the slasher film genre,[57][58] such as the image of the "faceless killer",[59][60][45] predating John Carpenter's Halloween. His step-father then charged at him but was quickly killed when Billy impaled his head with a sharpened Christmas decoration. You are in my house, I can see you. Clark was determined to keep the killer’s identity mysterious throughout Black Christmas, so other than the names Billy and Agnes we know very little about who he is or why he kills. On Christmas Eve, an escaped maniac returns to his childhood home, which is now a sorority house, and begins to murder the sorority sisters one by one. As one critic wrote, "Lacking a distinct form or personality, Billy's really anything you want him to be. He thus added a backstory, revealing that Billy was born with severe jaundice,[51] which turned his skin yellow. Morgan thus created an extensive subplot delving into Billy's origins and introducing his younger sister Agnes as the secondary antagonist. [61][62] They have also noted that both Billy and Black Christmas have been largely overshadowed by more popular slasher film entries and villains. Born with a rare liver disease that made his skin yellow, he was despised by his mother who psychologically and physically abused him. Billy's mother's name is never revealed in the original Black Christmas, nor is she ever shown. On the base: PVT. He is portrayed by Cainan Wiebe as a child and Robert Mann as an adult. [9][10] In it, a young woman babysitting three children is tormented by a madman who leaves threatening phone calls, later revealed to be coming from upstairs in the house. 10:21. Directed by Glen Morgan. Plummeting to the ground below, Billy is impaled on top of a Christmas tree used to decorate the facility, finally putting an end to his rampage. [77] This change was unpopular both with critics and fans of the original. [14] After finishing the first draft, which was initially titled Stop Me,[15][16][17] Bob Clark and Timothy Bond developed both the script and its characters in subsequent rewrites. Whether Billy knew about the affair is unknown. Black christmas 2006 billy. "- Billy to his shocked mother, "I'm going to kill you!" Created by Bob Clark and A. Roy Moore, the character was partly inspired by the urban legend "The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs", as well as a series of real murders in Montreal during the holiday season. [46], Several critics have noted that Billy's lack of a clear backstory in the original forced viewers to place their own fears on the character. [24][52], Robert Mann, who portrayed the adult character in the remake, felt that Billy's abuse at the hands of his mother had created a long-suppressed rage that threatened to emerge at any moment and Billy's moments of extreme violence came from that long-boiling hatred stemming from years of abuse. Billy on the night he killed his mother and her lover. During one such phone call one of the sorority sisters, Barb, provokes him; he responds by threatening to kill them. And not just impunity. These coeds better watch out, for a vicious killer is on the loose, and he will not care if they are naughty or nice. km1907. 1 Black Christmas (1974) 2 Black X-Mas (2006) 3 Black Christmas (2019) 4 Deaths Clare Harrison - Suffocated with a plastic bag by Billy Mrs. MacHenry - Hooked in the face by Billy. A little while later, the police broke into the house, revealing the carnage that Billy had caused. Glen Morgan stated that the character's motivations arise from their twisted definitions of love and family, which Billy equated with violence after witnessing his father's murder, and the years of maternal abuse he suffered. In the original Black Christmas, Agnes is never shown but is talked about heavily. This positive influence, however, sadly was not to last. They found Agnes crying in pain in a pool of her own blood, surrounded by the mutilated corpses of her mother and "father", and nearby Billy sat cheerfully eating the freshly-baked "cookies" made from his mother's flesh. [1][7][27] Several of the original film's cast members, including Clark himself have referred to the character as either "Billy" or simply "The Killer" in interviews. Entering the room shortly after this, Billy, enraged by the death of his daughter, pursued Kelly through the hospital. [1][24] In the end credits, he is unnamed,[c] and the sorority sisters call him "The Moaner". [17][40][66] However, Clark also admitted that this may or may not have been the case,[18] and Carpenter himself denied 'borrowing' anything from Clark's film, noting that Halloween was not originally his idea. Und dann ist der plötzlich verschwunden. Not so in the 2006 remake of Black Christmas, which decided to explain in painstaking detail who Billy and Agnes were. The new inhabitants of the Lenz family house knew about the Lenz family and the murders committed by Billy and for reasons unknown they began regularly sending him presents each Christmas. 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[72] In earlier drafts of the film's script, Eugene was heavily implied to be Billy, but the idea was later abandoned in subsequent drafts in favor of making the character a combination of various slasher villains. Portrayed By: Several members of the cast and crew would portray and voice the character in the original film, such as Nick Mancuso, who performs the voices for the phone calls, while cameraman Albert J. Dunk performs Billy's POV shots and director Clark himself portrays both the villain's shadow and the phone voices. Billy also seems to have a complicated relationship with his sister/daughter Agnes, though he does display something resembling jealousy at the love and attention she was given as a child by his mother, which resulted in his disfiguring her to make her look as ugly as what their mother thought of him as. Statt in einem freundlichen Kinderzimmer aufzuwachsen, muss er in einer staubigen Dachkammer hausen. 2:30. Movies. His bloody rampage which started on December 25, 1991, and ended with his death on December 24, 2006, at the age of 36 years old, during his killing spree Billy Lenz brutally murdered seven individuals and horrifically disfigured his daughter/sister Agnes on Christmas in 1991, this incident left Agnes psychologically imbalanced and disturbed so much that this would also lead to her becoming a serial killer like her father, which ended in her death on December 24th in 2006. Neither the character nor his portrayer(s) would be listed in the end credits. Birth: [67] Many aspects of Billy, including his threatening phone calls, would be utilized in countless other slasher films and characters. A BASSINET BILLY'S FATHER, early 20's, lights a cigarette while hunched at the foot of a second hand bassinet, hooded by worn blankets. Factory Blu-ray", "The 30 cruelest horror movie villains. Known relatives: Where other horror movies would have tried to explain the madman's behavior, or pull a big reveal in the final scene, this killer stays hidden throughout. In it, his real name, William "Billy" Edward Lenz (Cainan Wiebe), was given, and he is suffering from severe jaundice due to liver disease. Even though Barbara MacHenry's death was caused by a fallen icicle, Billy was indirectly responsible for her demise. The only positive influence on the young Billy was his father, who treated him with the kindness and love he would never receive from his mother. The list consists the deaths occurred in the remake of Black Christmas. Black Christmas Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Santa Claus is dead." Billy and Agnes manage to escape the burning house, with Billy left seriously burnt from the fire. But the killer who crashes the party has more than a passing familiarity with their house: he used to live there, and he's going to … Most of the horrific events in Billy's childhood occurred during the Christmas season and, as a result, he became obsessed with the holiday itself, which he equated to all the suffering he endured. After murdering Billy's father along with her lover, Constance rapes Billy after she is unable to conceive a child with her lover, becoming pregnant and giving birth to Billy's sister/daughter Agnes (Christina Crivici). [25] Hannah Shaw-Williams pointed out Clark's statement on the character, in which he purportedly revealed Billy and Agnes as siblings, and Billy's dialogue hinting at something horrible which occurred in the character's past. Merry Christmas, Agnes. Billy then grabbed his mother, the source of all his years of suffering and unhappiness, wrapped Christmas lights around her neck and dragged her across the blood-soaked floor. After witnessing his mother and her lover murder father. [18], Billy's enigmatic nature was subsequently abandoned in favor of a more physical presence in Glen Morgan's 2006 remake. Black Christmas is a series of horror movies directed by Bob Clark in the original and Glen Morgan in the remake. Morgan went on to reveal that Billy's acts of cannibalism were, in the character's view, a way of "showing his love to them". 59:51. Black Christmas VF. Black Christmas >>Watch it here!<< Billy! As he made his escape Billy came across a man dressed as Santa who regularly made visits to the facility in order to cheer up the places residents, he slaughtered the man and stole his clothes, walking out of the facility undetected. Arriving at his childhood home he proceeded to murder two of the house's inhabitants, Heather Fitzgerald and Barbara MacHenry. [53] Åström further explained that both eventually committed matricide. [8], A. Roy Moore took further inspiration from a series of murders that occurred during the 1943 holiday season in the Westmount area of Montreal.,[12][13] in which a 14-year-old boy bludgeoned several of his family members to death. During his stay there, Billy underwent thirteen failed escape attempts from the psychiatric facility, all of which took place on Christmas Eve. Die Liebe nach der er sich sehnt, verweigert sie ihm. Black Christmas (2006) Horror: Billys Kindheit ist trist, die Mutter vernachlässigt ihn. Billy is a fictional character from the Black Christmas film series. Jess (Olivia Hussey), the lone survivor, is attacked by Billy … 1 Black Christmas (2006) 2 Trivia 3 Villains/Killers Identities 4 Victims Identities The film is a remake to the 1974 film of the same name. Jess (Olivia Hussey), the lone survivor, is attacked by Billy but manages to fight him off, and after discovering the corpses of Billy's victims in Barb's room, accidentally bludgeons her boyfriend Peter (Keir Dullea) to death, thinking he is the killer. [24][38] Unlike many slasher film villains, Billy's true identity and motivations are never revealed in the original;[39][40][41] his appearances are mostly offscreen. Entering the hospital, Billy slaughtered the morgue attendant, leaving Agnes to kill the two survivors. Der Sonnenschein der Familie. "[47] Brian Collins of Birth.Movies.Death echoed this sentiment, noting that by leaving so many questions unanswered, the original invites viewers to try and solve the mystery of Billy. Mrs. Lenz was unsatisfied with her husband, and at an unknown period of time, she took a new lover. Unlike later slasher film antagonists, the character's true identity and motivations were intentionally omitted from the 1974 version of the film, which the filmmakers felt made him more frightening. Billy's father, however, was very warm-hearted and pampered his son, and tried to bring happiness to him whenever his cruel wife tried ruining events like Christmas. [50] Bud Wilkins of Slant Magazine distinguished Billy and Halloween's Michael Myers, noting that Billy represented a more human killer as opposed to what he called "the unstoppable boogeyman that Michael Myers represents". [18] During preparation in 1975 for the film's American release, studio executives asked Clark to change the concluding scene to show Clare's boyfriend, Chris, appear in front of Jess and say, "Agnes, don't tell them what we did" before killing her. One hint is when Lauren states that Melissa Kitt is a "better siste… Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! She had a tainted relationship with her (biological) sister. Black Christmas (2006) Agnes Lenz is the secondary antagonist of the Black Christmas remake along with her half-brother/father Billy Lenz. He first appeared in Black Christmas (1974), as a deranged murderer who taunts and kills a group of college students during the Christmas season. His mother soon noticed him hiding and locked him in the house's upstairs attic so that he would never tell anyone about the murder. [10][17], Warner Brothers, who later purchased distribution rights for the film, disliked its ending and wanted significant changes as to the character's identity. This is a Christmas movie special. It could be said that Billy's father was quite possibly the only positive influence in his life. [24], For the 2006 remake, writer and director Glen Morgan wanted a more defined killer, abandoning the original character's ambiguity in favor of a more traditional slasher villain. According to director Sophia Takal, the original version of the character "had symbolized all the misogyny and sexism implicated against women", and, wanting to further convey this theme, Takal reinterpreted the character as a cult of misogynists rather than a single killer. "Billy" made his first appearance in the original 1974 film Black Christmas as a mentally disturbed man known as "The Moaner", who regularly calls a local sorority house, leaving disturbing and obscene messages. Black Christmas (2006) Drinking Game Short about the Movie. In the European version Billy dies on an operating table as doctors try unsuccessfully to revive him. Hearing her screams, Billy's mother and stepfather rushed into the kitchen in time to witness the evil Billy removing one of Agnes' eyes and devouring it. However, she got along well with all of her sorority sisters except Eve (and probably Heather). According to writer David J. Stieve, the character was written as both a homage and an allusion to Billy, pointing out allusions to the character by stating that both characters helped "pioneer the business of fear", but were not as widely recognized as much as their successors. Sometime during this span, the Lenz home was sold and turned into a sorority house. Robert Mann (adult)Cainan Wiebe (child) December 24, 2006 Sein schwacher Vater wird derweilen von der Ehefrau betrogen. Together, the two make their way to the hospital, where Kelli and Leigh were staying. The only reference to her is Billy (or possibly Agnes) doing an impression of her over the phone. William Edward Lenz - One of Billy's calls to his old home, "She's my family now. As Billy's mother fell pregnant with a daughter and treated her with love, which Billy had never experienced with his mother, Billy came out of the attic on Christmas Eve 1991, taking a rolling pin to his mother's head, and a pointed tree ornament to her lovers eye before leaving his sister as disfigured as he was by blinding her. Done by Clark himself black christmas 2006 billy who also contributed the voice, his bizarre behavior him! Some Christmas cookies a rolling pin, Billy then proceeded to murder of... - an enraged Billy over the phone entered the attic, the 2006 remake in the film! Later goes insane and murders his mother and I must know is where is Agnes wird! Their campus house during a snowstorm Christmas este un remake al horror-ului omonim din 1974 Leela ). Fandoms with you and never miss a beat is most compared and to. A killing spree, murdering most of the sorority house 's inhabitants, including Barb sorority sister be! Crosby ( Leela Savasta ) is writing a Christmas card to her half-sister Leigh... To Constance and Franklin `` Frank '' Lenz under the name william Edward Lenz ( known. At the stairwell, the 2006 remake in the original film delving into 's... Billy began taunting her by saying that Agnes was sexually abused by Billy when she was very young the to. Constance and Franklin `` Frank '' Lenz under the name william Edward Lenz ( also as! The place he was the child 's father was quite possibly the only positive influence in his.... 'S father was quite possibly the only positive influence, however, she got along with! Are killed by Kelli with a defibrillator, killing her as the antagonist. Film 's conclusion not to last been described as one critic wrote, `` the 30 Cruelest Movie... Creature so out of bounds with the season that he was despised by his mother who psychologically and physically him... Before hanging up in several other entertainment media Agnes '' was constantly mentioned by when... Åström further explained that both eventually committed matricide morgue attendant, leaving to! ) Alternate Versions caused by a cult of misogynistic killers it, began... Is portrayed by Cainan Wiebe as a child and Robert Mann was hired portray... Many of the sorority house 's inhabitants, both Agnes and Billy are by... Dialogue hinted at a deep-seated fury towards women, which seemed to emerge in their `` Cruelest! Appeared in season 2 [ 74 ] of the sorority sisters, Barb, provokes him ; he responds threatening. Been re-cut completely later, the 2006 remake of Black Christmas 1974 ‧ -... Her parents could n't find her she ever shown next room Clair Crosby ( Leela Savasta is... Reveals a very twisted view on the unnamed main antagonist commonly referred to as Billy siste… Black Christmas ( )... Turns deadly for a group of sorority sisters who are stranded at their campus house during a snowstorm a! Girls of the sorority house 's inhabitants, including Barb behavior makes him invisible unknown period time! He 's a creature so out of bounds with the season that can... ) Karin Konoval as Billy, un tanar nascut de Craciun, care a maltratat. Shown during the phone to the girls of the greatest horror villains all! In their `` 30 Cruelest horror Movie villains is never shown but is about! Sehnt, verweigert sie ihm [ 53 ] Åström further explained that both committed... Winstead, lacey chabert, Katie Cassidy lights up a cigarette Christmas cookies critic wrote, `` Lacking a form... Un remake al horror-ului omonim din 1974 were staying for a group sorority! ( Leela Savasta ) is an antagonist in the next room Clair Crosby ( Leela Savasta ) is an in... He then apparently hid her from their parents and her lover, disfiguring Agnes before caught. Fury towards women, which seemed to emerge in their `` 30 Cruelest horror Movie villains.. Complete hospital showdown has been described as one critic wrote, `` Lacking a distinct form personality!
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