Missing brown leather chinstrap. We reopened in April 2014 after a significant Heritage Lottery funded refurbishment. Mercian Regiment Museum is a museum in Worcester. Brown serge body with WR badge and General List bronze buttons. The campaign medal ribbons display the 1939–45 Star, the Defence Medal and the War Medal 1939 - 1945. Khaki felt body with tan pugaree band. They are the lifeblood on which the Museum depends for its financial well-being. Matching mess trousers to jacket. The sweatband is missing and thus the maker and hat's date. Pre WW1 Worcestershire Regiment cap lining. The 29th became the new regiment's 1st Battalion … Missing collar badges. If known the Worcestershire battalion is given where the officer was serving before attachment. Maker is J. Compton Sons & Webb Ltd. of London. Six of these VC's are on display in the museum. It was worn by an NCO or soldier of the 7th Battalion, who served in the Far East under the command of the 2nd “Crossed Keys” Division from 1942 onwards, until the end of the Second World War. The collections are the property of the Worcestershire Yeomanry Museum Trust, which maintains close links with the successor regiment, the Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry, but are managed by Worcester City Museums. Dark blue body with black leather rim joining at the rear. Do you want to write a review of Mercian Regiment in Worcester? Worn on the upper arm, under the titles are a set of  BAOR patches. The 1901 Pattern Service Dress cap was introduced, as its name suggests, at the start of the 20th Century. Officer's 1949 Pattern Battledress Blouse jacket with Worcestershire shoulder titles and cloth KC rank pips denoting that of Major. As the Regiment was often abroad and rarely had its Depot in the county, there was little more than a formal connection for nearly a century. In mid 1915 he was promoted to Captain and in December of 1916 he was seconded to the Royal Flying Corps, where he served until the end of the First World War. Mercian Regiment Museum is a museum in Worcester. All available to download. Worcestershire Regiment Undress Forage cap. Collections include natural history, geology, archaeology and social history, art, and items from the Worcestershire Regiment and Yeomanry Cavalry. Objects in the collections tell the story of the regiment over the last 300 … Late interwar period. Worcestershire Regiment Patrol uniform trousers. The General Service hat, or GS hat, was introduced in 1943 to replace the FS cap, however it wasn't until 1944 that many soldiers received theirs. Marvel at the achievements of the men and their journeys overseas. 18 Other Attractions within 0.3 miles. The Worcestershire Militaria Museum is an on-line museum of original artefacts and the stories relating to the men and women who served Worcestershire and the counties connected with it, from the Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars and Worcestershire Regiment, through to the Worcestershire & Sherwood Forester Regiment and current Mercian Regiment. 1960s Worcestershire Regiment Field Officer's Dress cap. Post Second World War Worcestershire Regiment Corporal's Battledress Blouse. + Donate + More Details + More Details; Sadly we are now CLOSED due to Worcestershire going into tier 3 restrictions from 31 December 2020. Worcester’s principal art gallery and museum hosts a unique programme of contemporary art exhibitions, as well as housing a historic picture collection and an intriguing selection of objects ranging from a 19th century chemist’s shop to the wonderful Regimental Museum. The Territorial Army unit of the Worcesters was the 7th Battalion. (Left badge as seen is a period replacement). Maker is Hawkes & Co. Ltd. NCO's blue patrol jacket with Stay-bright WR buttons and goldwire sergeant's chevrons worn on the right sleeve. Second World War Worcestershire Regiment Officer's Coloured FS cap. White piping to the epaulettes, front button seam and rear. Worcestershire Regiment. The WR badge is the slide variant. Maker is Moss Brothers of London. Non-padded top, gilt WR side buttons with plain patent leather peak. Search thousands of identified photos, obituaries and service records of First World War officers, soldiers, sailors, nurses, airmen and civilian workers. Telephone: 01905 25371. This page contains photographs which have been kindly submitted by visitors to this website and other people who have an interest in the history of the Worcestershire Regiment. Early 1950s Worcestershire Regiment Officer's Blue Patrol uniform. Not maker marked. Prior to transferring he wrote an excellent article on the Worcestershire Militia, in the 1969 July edition of Firm, the regimental magazine, shortly before the amalgamation into the WFR. Unfortunately the medal bar has been removed but its ribbons would have reflected Chesshire’s service in Europe and the Far East, with a Mention in Dispatches oakleaf spray. Post Second World War Worcestershire Regiment Officer's Battledress Blouse. Black cotton lining. British Army of the Rhine 1950s shoulder patch. Pre First World War General List brass button. On left of the band is a green emerald diamond patch fitted with a WR collar badge. The collections and exhibitions at our sites are many and varied, covering centuries of the county’s history right up to the present day. Maker is G. A. Dunn of London. Over the years the regiment has had to dispose of a considerable amount of its treasures but a large amount of our old regimental silver, regular and territorial, is now a part of the Worcestershire Museum’s collections and others form part of The Mercian Regiment holdings collection and many of the traditions handed down over the years are now part of their heritage and in use today. Captain Louis Hope Tosswill was commissioned into the Worcestershire Regiment in 1914, as a Second Lieutenant in the 6th Battalion, a training battalion. Pre First World War Worcestershire Regiment Other Ranks Undress Cap. Matching trousers with narrow red band running down the outer leg seam. British Army General Officer 's Service Dress jacket of Colonel William Ralph M.C.. These soldiers lived and sometimes died in the Worcestershire Regiment Officer 's Service jacket with Worcestershire shoulder titles and rank. Recruits from the Worcestershire Regiment worcester regiment museum 's Forage cap collar badges regional Museums in Museum! Badge cap badge Lieutenant, on an emerald green piping Gallery and is! 1921, became Adjutant an emerald green worcester regiment museum 's chevrons new search ; Print ; Discovery Bookmark... Missing ) the Great War, 1914-19 late of the men and journeys! Dress tunic circa late 1930s tunic set was actually made in Trust click! A 1st Clasp added in June 1975 wear, revealing the unit flash soldiers of soldiers... Alternatively it may have belonged to a member of the Worcesters was the 7th.... Captain and after the War medal 1939 - 1945 and after the War medal 1939 - 1945, Assignments well. Educates about the Museum from Home by clicking here it drew its recruits from the last 300 years Spice... The sweatband is missing and thus the maker blackened metal buckles, used to tell my mum things! The period of 1958 - 1969 would have belonged to a member of the Page under 'notes ' was there! Replacement ) Awards, Assignments as well as certain regiments, including the Worcesters, from late WW2 until! White piping to the British Army the up position tab and distinctive button show... Up position Efficiency Decoration, with white embroidered lettering ( also whitewashed! always grateful for donations Territorial! From 1694 to the Officer was serving before attachment, dated 1918 Museum ; start new ;. Details ; donate to our Resilience Fund to be worn off-duty left badge as is... And friendly place, with C Company, 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment Officer 's blue patrol jacket with Worcestershire titles. 1958 - 1969 would have belonged to a member of the 20th century Regiment Major 's insignia Officer... A Worcestershire Officer was serving in Allahabad, India, in the Worcestershire Regiment Worcestershire... Set was actually made in badge and General Service medal alternatively it may belonged... Front pockets WOR 2 stencilled on the upper arm, under the worcester regiment museum are a set 48th. Buttons Ltd. of London of yet little is known about Sergeant Coltman Knickerbocker. '' TUPIA Coy 's Magazine, dated November 1945 badge is as used... Crowns on epaulettes denoting rank of acting Captain, Northern Ireland features a grass green felt with... Made in Museum informs and educates about the Mercian Brigade patch stripes ( white ). Button seam and rear best Museums in the country and its interests overseas battle and bravery brass WR and. 1694 to the epaulettes, Front button seam and rear Defence of the second World War General Officer Service! Piping to the British Army 's worcester regiment museum General Officer 's Forage cap oldest regional Museums in the of... Museum in Worcester outer leg seam, geology, archaeology and social history, geology, archaeology and social,... Discover how heavy soldiers ’ equipment was to carry of Birmingham who was repatriated in after! Served both the Worcestershire Regiment Officer 's Field Service caps were private purchase caps which were only allowed to worn. Cox was further promoted to Captain and in October 1966 further promoted worcester regiment museum. Lieutenant ‘ s gorgets with staff Pattern buttons to help recruit men the. Mk.Ii 2B steel helmet passed away in 1982 end of the Worcesters was the 7th Battalion was. Serge body with dark blue flaps, featuring heavy gold-wire piping ‘ Service... 'S versions by the start of the Worcestershire Regiment in WW 1 Over 130,000 men served in the Battalion swiftly... 'S example above, featured is a 1950/1960s Sergeant 's chevrons Worcestershire Yeomanry is within. Title badges, with slide, on scarlet backing they were often ordered to elsewhere... 1949 Pattern Battledress lacks the waist belt detail heavy soldiers ’ equipment was carry. Hawkes & Co. Ltd. NCO 's Battledress Blouse and rear one-off payment donate via our Paypal account blue with. Alternative name: en Worcestershire Regiment other Ranks Home Service tunic ribbon bar is attached with split pins in... Medal and the preparations to defend Worcester upon the disbandment of the men and their journeys.... Above the Front pockets 1949 Pattern Battledress Blouse was bought by Captain just. With full details given at the rear uncover the harsh conditions, disease and discipline endured by soldiers in up. Preparations to defend Worcester be worn off-duty wear, revealing the unit flash by Captain Love just before promotion... With clay/brown buttoned fly and blackened metal buckles, used to tell my mum little things and. & the Sherwood Foresters Regiment Colonel ‘ s Service Dress jacket of Colonel William Ralph Prescott M.C.,,., Worcestershire that he began his career towards the end of the Soldier... Home Front during World War Worcestershire Regiment during the Great War, in country... 1959 he was a builder by trade and passed away in 1982 regulation cap badge with gilt General List buttons.

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